21 listopada 2016

TOP10 najlepszych fit pośladków na Instagramie

Zobacz, kto nie omijał przysiadów i może pochwalić się krągłą pupą!

Piękne, krągłe pośladki to obecnie priorytet dla wielu trenujących kobiet. Wiele z was definiuje kwintesencje kobiecej sylwetki właśnie pod kątem świetnych pośladków. Specjalnie dla Was przygotowaliśmy zestawienie 10 najlepszych fit pośladków, które mogą być inspiracją i motywacją do kolejnych treningów.

10. @Anacheri

9. @Valeria_orsini


"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee". . . . @theheavyweightfactory @heavyweightfactorymodels . . Photo| @montoyaelduro H&M| @jerraleefierce

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8. @yoventura


I hate the gym but love the results and love eating whatever I want || tag some friends who need motivation!

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7. @amandalatona


Another day another Glute session. New workout clothes always make for a better workout. Continuing to eat and continuing to grow said booty. I think we were there for 3 hours tonight But that included time for some Glute vids. But man, with some extra food and extra carbs in me its amazing the strength, energy and pumps I get. So don't be afraid to eat. I mean keep things in balance but don't fear food. Fuel the engine and lite the metabolism up baby. And grow the cakes I spy my beautiful hubby in the back. Using his phone to capture tonight's booty pump because my little engine that could phone has been out of storage for a yearrrrr. I know. I'll get a new one. In the meantime ... Train hard. Eat good. And get your sleeps. Oh, And don't be angry and don't judge people. You never know what someone else has been through. Totally off the booty building subject but just thought I'd throw that in there because I love everybody. Sleep well. #bootyqueenapparel #glutegamestrong #teamallmax #amandakuclo #amandakuclobooty #love #training #thekucs

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6. @jessiebabyfit


New for #humpday by my favs @ohrangutang & @cristinapilo

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5. @lyzabethlopez


That Malibu sun️..... such a great trip... (Check out more of my pics on my lifestyle IG page @lyzabeth_lopez ) - Photo by @leelhgfx

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4. @fitbyfiona


Happy Friday have a great weekend everyone For all online coaching enquiries fitbyfionapt@gmail.com

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Friday mood️

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