23 stycznia 2017

Narzekasz na brak motywacji? Poznaj Nicka!

Nick Santonastasso

Jego profil codziennie obserwuje 158 tysięcy ludzi z całego świata. Nick Santonastasso mimo braku dwóch nóg i jednej ręki jest bardzo aktywny i codziennie ćwiczy na siłowni. Jego niepełnosprawność nie jest dla niego barierą. Oglądając zdjęcia i filmy Nicka na Instagramie, każdy z nas może odnaleźć motywację do treningów. Jeśli nie chce ci się iść na trening, albo narzekasz na złą pogodę za oknem lub notoryczny brak czasu, to koniecznie zacznij obserwować profil Nicka. Dawka codziennej motywacji zapewniona. 



Let's just applaud the perfectly placed stringer to hide my nips - @mattypasq

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The future is bright, don't on me - - @mattypasq

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It's Thursday and that means getting flooded with tasty protein doughnuts and this weeks Oreo protein pancakes - Diet is so important if you're trying to hit fitness goals or simply feeling better about yourself. Eating healthy is so important especially how we are surrounded by unhealthy food everywhere. The word is making it easier for us "heathy" people to stand out because now-a-days the majority of the population is obese. Start standing out, start making that lifestyle change. 10% OFF CODE-Nick10 - Making my life a whole lot easier already having my meals prepped and ready to go my team at @nutritionsolutions . I'm about two weeks out from my biggest shoot yet the least of my worries should be worrying about prepping food. From the Steak to the breast cancer awareness protein doughnuts my team is THE most elite meal prepping company out there no doubt.

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TAG 3 buddies who could use some motivating! Rome wasn't built in a day. I've only been on my mission and journey to achieve a better physique for about 9-10 months now. In that period of time I have grown so many supporters (you guys!) and im so grateful for each and everyone of you. You have made my journey so much more motivating and fun! Greatness takes time and throughout your time you will have set backs and failures, but it's the way you react to those setbacks and failures is what is going to shape you into the person you will be in the future. Learn from mistakes and enjoy the ride! This is so important. Love what you do and do it with a burning passion. Just wanted to thank you guys, can't wait to keep making our fit family greater each day! Have a great week! Stay hungry, stay consistent.

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This video isn't very impressive but I just wanted to preach a little a bit. It isn't always about throwing around big weight. We all love and try to do it but its sometimes about just hitting the right movement to work a certain body part. I used to have a cone shaped bicep rather than the egg firm. But from hitting little movements and training correctly it's starting to take its form. Remember guys you don't have to start big, you just have to start period. Believe in yourself and the potential you have and you will go so far in anything you do. I promise it'll make a huge difference in anything you do. Keep working at your goals little by little. Have a great weekend people. Much love. #fitness #futureoffitiness #ISYMFS #mikerashid #bodybuilding #somsayin

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Eating in a surplus for a period of time before upcoming shoots trying to grow - #PleaseWorkHarderThanMe

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My baby chest with a pump

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