13 listopada 2017

Blogerka fitness uzyskała swoją idealną wagę. Ale co dalej?

Nie było to po jej myśli!

Kanadyjska fit blogerka, Christina Basil, postawiła sobie jakiś czas temu cel. Chciała zrzucić kilka dodatkowych kilogramów oraz bardziej wyrzeźbić swoją sylwetkę. Dobrała odpowiednią dietę oraz treningi, których skrupulatnie się trzymała. Jej fitness plan był strzałem w dziesiątkę, a efekty coraz bardziej motywowały ją do pracy. Dotarła do jego końca, no i właśnie? 


Fit blogerka Christina Basil  o dojściu do idealnej wagi


Kiedy 23-letnia Christina zobaczyła na urządzeniu pomiarowym upragnioną wagę poczuła nicość. Wcale nie była przez to szczęśliwa, czy bardziej zmotywowana. Poprzez ciężką pracę oczywiście doszła do wyznaczonego celu, ale nie przyniósł on zamierzonengo efektu, którego tak bardzo pragnęła.



“Focus on the muscle, not the weight. Leave your ego at the door.” - For a long time I would do glute exercises and just go through the motions without thinking about it. Like, as long as I was completing the squat or the lunge and successfully getting the weight off the ground, then I automatically MUST be hitting those glute muscles and they must be growing, right?? ‍️ - But nope, unfortunately it’s not that simple! I didn’t care to admit it early on, but maintaining “mind-muscle connection” REALLY is the game changer here. It ISN’T enough to just complete the rep, whether it’s squats, lunges, kickbacks, whatever. If you aren’t visualizing those glute muscles squeezing HARD and pushing the weight through EVERY rep, it’s very likely your quads, lower back or other areas will overcompensate (sometimes unsafely), taking over the hard work while your glutes gladly stay chillinnnn. - Stubbornly, I used to care too much about how much weight I was lifting - bigger numbers meant bigger booty in my mind. I had to humble my ego, lower the weight on the bar, and realize that proper form and muscle contraction along with slow, controlled reps are all WAY more important if the goal is hypertrophy (muscle growth). - PS. I saw several girls asking for exercises that I used to target my “hip dips” from my previous post so I’ll get a routine up for you guys soon, promise! ️

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BLOATING. Lezzz talk about it. - Feeling hella vulnerable posting this photo... but a lot of girls have been messaging me lately asking how to get rid of bloating, and just really talking down about their bodies because they experience bloat. - Ladies, bloating is, for the most part, very common and we all experience it! These two photos are legit about 6-7 hours apart. I don't stress about it anymore though because I know it's temporary, and I know what I did to cause it (I ate out for both lunch and dinner = multiple slices of pizza + a massive burger ). - Fast food often causes bloating because it's usually sky-high in sodium, fat and sugar! Here are some reasons you might be bloating: - ️SODIUM: too much causes water retention. ️FAT: takes longer to digest than carbs/protein, thus moves through the digestive system slower. ️SUGAR: fructose, present in many processed foods, is tough for many people to digest, as are artificial sweeteners, like sorbitol. ️DAIRY: many people experience bloat/discomfort because their body cannot digest lactose, the sugar found in dairy products. ️EATING TOO FAST: you might be swallowing a lot of air by scarfing down your food, causing gas to build up in your intestines and create discomfort/swelling. - Knowledge is power, so I hope this little bit of info can help other girls realize why they may be bloating, and that it doesn't mean you're "fat" or "gross" or whatever other words girls use to tear themselves down about their body. WE ARE NOT PHOTOS - we are humans with living, breathing bodies that continually adapt and change shape in order to keep up with whatever our lifestyles/diets might throw at us. Your body is pretty damn resilient - and personally I think that's cool AF.

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Size 8 (used to fit in August) Size 4 (used to fit in December) - EDIT: BOTH OF THESE PHOTOS WERE TAKEN *TODAY* (ie. NOT showcasing a difference in PHYSIQUE between the two photos but just that my old jeans from last year don't fit me anymore). Sorry if that didn't come across in my original caption - this is why I write long captions, so I can try to get my point across as clearly as possible. ‍️ This post is about the MAJOR changes you can see in your body by noticing the difference in how your clothes fit you over time! - I'm absolutely NOT saying Size 8 is a "big" or "fat" size. IT'S NOT. We all have different bodies and, for some girls, they are absolutely SLAYING in a Size 8 or higher just because of the way they are shaped/built. However, for my height and build, it simply wasn't the healthiest size for me. ‍️ - The jeans on the right fit comfortably back in December... they're too loose now. I currently have to hold all my jeans up with a belt because they don't fit anymore... GOOD for my physique goals but BAD for my poor wallet. LOL. I ordered some jeans from @fashionnova recently so hopefully they will fit since it's hard to find jeans that fit well in all the right places. - Ladies, where do you get your jeans??? Please, I need suggestions! Name your fav brands below if you got summa dat insight, cuz your girl is seeeeriously lacking in the jeans department right now.

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Dziewczyna pamięta okres, w którym bardzo ciężko było jej zauważyć jakiekolwiek zmiany. Cały czas myślała o liczbie, którą chciałaby zobaczyć na wadze. Jej lifestyle sprowadzał się do tej jednej rzeczy - 54 kg. Kiedy jednak cel został osiągnięty zdała sobie sprawę, w jakim naprawdę żyła błędzie. Straciła siłę i jej ciało nie było już tak mocne, kiedy była bardziej rozbudowana, miewała częste bóle głowy, a po odcięciu jeszcze większej liczby kalorii - czasami traciła przytomność.  



A year ago (shit, even as recent as 6 months ago), I thought I NEEDED to see a decrease in the number on the scale to prove that I was making progress with this whole "fit" thing. After all, if the number wasn't changing... that meant my body wasn't changing either, right? - Lol, wrong. I used to care so much about seeing pounds drop from the scale. I did eventually "achieve" my goal weight of 120 lbs at one point, but you know what else came along with that arbitrary number? - My lifts were compromised I lost strength & stopped making gains I would often get light-headed + dizzy (from under-eating) while exercising, cutting my training sessions short and crying, frustrated, in the car... - Trying to maintain "a number" can restrict you from progressing, in my opinion. I've technically gotten HEAVIER since the left pic was taken (still seems SO weird to me lol), but I've never felt more energetic, lean, and light on my feet. ‍️‍️‍️ - I wasn't meant to be my #StrongestSelf at my goal weight. That would've bothered me a year ago, but that's just fine with me now. Whether I realized it or not, I used to train to stay skinny. Now I'm training to be strong.

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Swoja historią chce pokazać, że nie ma sensu gonić za jakąś konkretną liczbą. Trzeba być szczęśliwym i to ta droga do zdrowego i sprawnego stylu życia ma być przyjemnością i przygodą, a nie celem samym w sobie.



Happy Labour Day! Using this as my own damn #MotivationMonday as I could really use some right now going into the autumn season. Left pic is from last summer before any fitness regimen. Right pic is from this summer when my HIIT cardio routine was A1 (+ weight training as usual, of course). - I'm not gonna lie to you and say I loooove cardio because lmao, I don't. ‍️ I feel more badass lifting weights than running or climbing stairs (personal preference). - However, I see a lot of comparison pics out there along the lines of "CARDIO BUNNY vs WEIGHTLIFTING" with the implication that weightlifting is better than cardio, and that cardio results in a weak shapeless body. Personally, I've felt my best when I consistently mix both CARDIO and WEIGHTS into my routine - one isn't better or worse than the other. They're complementary. - WHY incorporate HIIT cardio? LOSE FAT but maintain lean muscle Keeping your HEART in shape - possibly the most important MUSCLE ️ in our bodies yet many of us overlook it by putting all our focus on weight training INCREASED metabolism (aka easier time maintaining your weight without a strict/boring rice, chicken and broccoli diet lol) REDUCED RISK of osteoporosis, arthritis, and other bone/joint health issues down the road Release of feel-good hormones that help provide RELIEF (at least temporarily) from depression, stress and anxiety... - What's your favourite way to get your cardio in? How long are your cardio sessions, and how many times per week? Let's share ideas with each other in the comments. Thanks guys. ️ - PS. I would love to have that tan back, even though I look like a burnt chicken nugget Gimme some of that Cuban sun again, por favor ️

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Jej metamorfoza robi ogromne wrażenie i motywuje do wdrożenia zdrowego podejścia w życiu. Warto brać z niej przykład!





The Batman PJs make an appearance yet again #transformationinprogress - - I've been skinny (like the left side pic from 2013) and I've been on the "fluffier" side (see other pics on my page for that lol), but this past year I finally found a happy medium where I feel STRONG and can push my body to further limits each month. One of my favourite things about maintaining an active lifestyle is that I'm able to continuously challenge myself to be stronger, faster, better than I was the week before!! ️ - PHYSICAL CHANGES: more defined arms leaner and tighter tummy bigger booty wooo thicker legs with quad/hamstring development - MENTAL CHANGES: boosted self-confidence ️ realistic/attainable body image better able to cope with times of anxiety/sadness/stress belief in my own ability to COMMIT to something and actually FOLLOW THROUGH with the damn thing (that's a big one for me!!)

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Day by day nothing changes... but hey that's what progress pics are for. - Last night I was feeling frustrated with my progress lately. Now, comparing these two photos side by side speaks volumes to me. I've come quite a way in just 6 months! - With that being said, I still have a certain physique I'm striving for, and becoming top heavy isn't my goal. I'm happy with the muscle I've built in my upper body, and now it's time to switch up the GAME PLAN: I'm going to minimize upper body training to 1x a week for maintenance (sorry bench press and pull-ups, but you'll always be bae ). Meanwhile I'm back on my HIIT cardio regime and aiming for 2-3x a week. - The muscle mass is there. Now it's time to lean out these arms and abs. Not going to be easy but I'm down for the challenge. Stay tuned lol - What are your physique goals right now?

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