16 maja 2017

Blogerka pokazuje niecodzienne zdjęcia PRZED i PO [FOTO]

Zobacz, jak fitnesska walczy z nierealnym postrzeganiem ciała!

Pamiętacie Imre Cecen, która dzieli się ze swoimi użytkowniczkami, zdjęciami prawdziwego kobiecego ciała? Jej koleżanka z branży, Julie Aledbetter, wpadła na podobny pomysł. Ta jednak postanowiła pokazać jak wygląda wyrzeczenie i poświęcenie w utrzymaniu idealnej "fitnessowej" sylwetki. Fitnesska ma prawie 100 tys. fanów i wrzuca do sieci niecodzienne zdjęcia po swojej przemianie. 

Julie od czasu zaprzestania restrykcyjnej diety oraz rygoru ćwiczeń, przytyła ponad 13 kg. Dzięki temu czuje się teraz lepiej niż kiedykolwiek! Jest szczęśliwa. 

- Na zdjęciu w zielonym bikini jadłam ok. 400-500 kcal dziennie - komentuje na swoim Instagramowym wideo Julie. 


TURN THAT SOUND ON if you plan to be in a bikini this summer. A toner, leaner, smaller body WILL never make you happier, more confident or free from insecurity if you have not focused on growing, challenging and changing your MENTALITY. Physical health is important don't get me wrong but just like a body won't change long-term without changing the fundamentals of your nutritional habits, true confidence will never come just from changing your exterior, it has to START in your mind. This summer whether you are preparing for that vacation or pool party remember that confidence come from within. You can think of yourself as a masterpiece and still be a work in progress. Change should come from a deep love for yourself, not hate. Changing your body because you hate it will not cure the root. At some point your insecurities and self hate will come back, it's only a matter of time. I was 17lbs lighter in the photo on the left, and was MISERABLE. Your weight does NOT = happiness!!! Ladies I'm begging and I'm pleading that you PLEASE learn to love yourself RIGHT where you're at. You deserve to rock that bikini with CONFIDENCE. Tag someone who needs to hear this. ️ #SelfLove #EmbraceYourReal #EdSoldier

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-  Zgrabniejsze, szczuplejsze, czy mniejsze ciało, nigdy nie sprawi, że będziesz bardziej szczęśliwa i pewna siebie oraz wolna od niepewności, jeśli nie skupiłaś się na bardziej wymagającej oraz zmieniającej się mentalności. Zdrowie fizyczne jest ważne, nie zrozum mnie źle, ale jeśli ciało nie zmienia się bez zmiany zasad diety, prawdziwa, wewnętrzna tożsamość także się nie zmieni - mówi blogerka.


IF YOU'RE NOT COMPETING THEN WHY ARE YOU TRAINING SO HARD? It completely disgusts me that people immediately assume that if a person is working hard in the gym, they must be competing. ‍️ It disgusts me is because competitions are NOT the goal of this lifestyle...what happens after your show? LIFE. Why is it that the left photo(a stage-ready body) is idolized in the fitness industry? Why is it what millions of women strive for? That photo on the left was 48 hours pre-bikini competition. That conditioning was the leanest I have ever been and will ever because it is NOT maintainable. Why is it that normal every-day bodies are not truly celebrated in the fitness industry? Why do so many coaches try to talk their clients into "one day competing" as if it is the "ultimate goal" that you can achieve in this lifestyle? Ladies (and men) LISTEN UP...competing is SHORT lived. That body on the left is NOT maintainable.., I was only able to achieve that look for about 7 days...after months and months of preparation. Even though I followed #MacroCounting and a #FlexibleDieting approach with that #WBFF prep, I still was still VERY strict. I measured every piece of food down to the literal .00001g and if I was off by even that I freaked, thinking I wouldn't be ready for the stage which would lead my points to be deducted and my chances of winning not as high. I did not miss a single second of my HIIT workouts or weight lifting sessions. Drank every last ounce of water, every single day for over 4 months straight. That is NOT realistic. We (the fitness industry) needs to STOP idolizing those bodies like they are the ULTIMATE goal, because ultimately we are in this for LIFE-LONG heath. Since when has it been "not" popular to just freaking work on bettering yourself for the sake of BETTERING yourself, not for the stage, a judge or a trophy? I spent too many years trying to please others between and eating disorder and my addiction to please judges. I have finally come to the place of peace and complete balance so I am going to celebrate this body and you should too!! Tag a friend who needs to read/watch this! #SelfLove #EmbraceYourReal #EdSoldier

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- Tego lata, nieważne, czy przygotowujesz się na wakacje, czy imprezę na basenie, pamiętaj, że zaufanie pochodzi od wewnątrz. Możesz myśleć o sobie jako arcydziele, które ciągle udoskonalasz. Zmiana powinna pochodzić z głębokiej, odwzajemnionej miłości do siebie, a nie z nienawiści. Po zewnętrznej zmianie ciała, którego i tak nienawidzisz, nie uzdrowi jego korzenia. W pewnym momencie twoja niepewność i nienawiść wrócą, to tylko kwestia czasu. Twoja waga nie jest równa Twojemu szczęściu! Błagam, żebyś nauczyła się kochać siebie! - dodaje. 


5 things I've learned in the last 5 years 950 Calories vs. 1,775 Calories Carbs are NOT the enemy Weight lifting does NOT make you manly Hair DOES grow and hormones do get restored when I fuel my body properly My body IS worth taking care of I AM worth the FIGHT I was looking through old photos today and literally had tears in my eyes thinking about the disgust I had towards my body. I hated it. I was never truly satisfied with anything in my life. I avoided social events. Lied about allergies to family and friends to not have to eat something and chewed a pack of gum per day to keep my mind active so I didn't have to think about how hungry I was. My life was headed in a very scary direction. I remember at one point in my life, I thought I was living my last year of life. I couldn't see any light at the end of the tunnel. All I felt was darkness, shame, regret and complete obsession. Looking back, these last 5 years have been monumental. I will never forget the blood, sweat, and tears that have happened. I vividly remember the first 5 months of my health journey like it was yesterday. There were so many days I wanted to quit, wanted to throw away a meal instead of eating it, lock myself in a room so I didn't have to face @joshualedbetter asking me if I ate my meal or finished my weight lifting instead of doing cardio. If you get anything at all away from this tonight, remember one this: You are NOT alone and it is WORTH the fight. #Transformation #EdSoldier #LiveEveryDayBetter

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5 lat temu dziewczyna ma widocznie bardziej zmęczoną twarz, podkrążone oczy oraz problem z hormonami. Zatrzymana miesiączka, wypadające włosy, kruche paznokcie, senność i ciągłe zmęczenie to było jej życie codzienne. Julie unikała jedzenia węglowodanów, ciągle robiła treningi kardio, jadła 1000 kcal dziennie i tak naprawdę nigdy nie była zadowolona ze swojego wyglądu. 


To all my strong women out there, may you know them, be you be them and may we raise them. #InternationalWomansDay ️ Here's my "me too" story...You struggle with eating and body image disorder? Yes, I've been there too...our minds are wild and they can take you on a WILD metal whack job. I remember the photo on the left, I hated..because I thought my arms were to big- CRAZY…. I had lost my period (which i thought was good.. because then i didn’t have to deal with it), i told everyone (including myself) I was allergic to just about any and everything, so I wouldn't have to try and eat it, I thought I was better off not eating than trying to get myself to run..which I literally could not do for more than 10 mins without feeling light headed and about to pass out. I avoided community events as much as possible. I was SOO stressed, confused, tired (because I had no fuel)... I know this might sound extreme but i am being 10000% transparent with you. During this time in my life, my hair was falling out (I know i was a blonde, but my hairstylist even brought it up to me that i needed more nutrients, and i just told her i was allergic and that is why I couldn’t get the right amount of nutrients. My nails were so frail they literally would just bend all the way back, I would often get extremely sharp pains in my stomach.. the list goes on and on. I couldn't seem to get a handle on FOOD. I was obsessed with it, yet made sure I wasn't eating it. I.e. As obsessed with my image.. I needed to be a size 0 so I could "get noticed" or have someone say "wow you're so skinny". Horrible, I know. I am SO thankful have found #BalancedIntake. It has seriously changed the course of my life, forever. Without finding that balance, I guarantee my obsession and addiction to not eating food, and over exercising would get passed down to my future kids. this is me saying "ME TOO"... I've been there, and I will never go back there again, and am committed to telling my story as long as I live to inspire people that they too know they are not alone and can raise our future generation STRONG! #Transformation #EdSoldier

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Dziewczyna nie udaje także, że nie je pizzy oraz nie pije czasami alkoholu. Uważa, że wszystko jest dla ludzi.


I EAT PIZZA AND DRINK ALCOHOL? Yep. A common misconception is that lifestyle enthusiasts never eat out or drink. While some extremists don't, I do! Why? Because I'm in this for life. I own my lifestyle, my lifestyle doesn't own me. If I want to have a pizza from @dominos and a Marg, I make it fit. Here's what I order for my Macro Friendly pizza { #PizzaWithJai} Gluten Free Crust (it's the only small pizza they offer) No cheese, regular sauce, chicken (normal, no need to pay for extra chicken), spinach, mushroom, roasted red pepper, diced tomatoes and feta cheese. I like to add 2oz more of chicken from home. Macros: 55P/101C/22F for the entire pizza!! I created this recipe years ago and have been drinking it since. Here's how you make a #MacroMarg A handful of ice, 1 shot of @sauzatequila, 7 oz of Calorie Free @josecuervotequila Marg Mix (found at Kroger), 1 packet of crystal light (wild strawberry). Blend and top with a lime! Enjoy! Macros for 1 Marg: 2gP/9C/2.8gF Counting macros isn't hard, you make the foods you love fit into your daily allotted macros enjoying any and all foods in moderation. Tag a friend who needs these recipes! xx #BalancedIntake #MacroCounting #LedbetterMacros

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Someone asked me the other day what's changed since I started my health journey, I said 30 lbs heavier and so much more! You know the saying "you want what you can't have", that defined my 2012 (left) photo. I was eating around 900 calories per day, restricting all foods that were labeled as "bad" or "unhealthy". My foods consisted of: tofu, carrots, almonds, spinach, and plain peanut butter and slim-fast bars. I didn't stick anything else into my body because I was scared I would gain weight and lose control. I would avoid aisles because I didn't even want the temptation to walk past a box of cereal or package of cookies. Not only was I only eating around 900 calories, but I was doing 2 hours of cardio on the elliptical 6 days/week I had no idea what I was doing... B/c I would restrict my food so severely, it would lead to all out binges. My binges however were not on ice cream or pop-tarts, they would be eating 1/2 pound of almonds, a jar of peanut butter.those binges led to more restriction, more binging and ultimately yo-yo dieting. It was a horrible cycle. My hormones were so messed up, I lost my period, my hair, skin and nails would NOT grow, my face always looked tired and I would have major breakouts and I struggled with MAJOR mood swings. Since I started #MacroCounting and eating flexible (any and all food in #Moderation), my hormones, hair, skin and nails...everything has changed. I do not restrict a single food from my daily intake. If I want it, I make it fit into my macros. This means I incorporate "fun" foods such as ice cream, cereal, cookies, burger, etc into my daily intake with moderation and control. This has not only allowed me to sustain this lifestyle, but achieve my physique that I feel most comfortable and confident in, and maintain it for the last 3 years! I'm so grateful to have completely restored my relationship with food (praise God). ️ True health glows from the inside out. I am grateful to have experienced what I did because now I know what it's like to restrict my food intake, and let me tell you... I will NEVER go back. It's okay to be a glow-stick, sometimes we break before we shine. #EmbraceYourReal

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Fitnesska nie wstydzi się także pokazać swoich fałdek na brzuchu. 


Don't judge my story by the chapter you just walked in on. 10 years. That is 3,650 days 87,600 hours, 5,256,000 seconds I spent comparing my body to the perfectly touched up, social media high light reels. 3 years ago, I would have never showed this photo on the left...not in a million years. You see that genuine smile I have in both photos? That's taken years and years to develop. It is easy to show the photo that showcases your best, and I am one to do it myself, but I am posting photos like this to not only show you, but REMIND myself that the skin that live in every SINGLE day is freaking beautiful. Newsflash, when I sit down, my stomach is not flat. I have rolls, excess skin that hangs over my pants. I used to think something was wrong with me. I used to think I could spot reduce areas of my body to eliminate fat. I used to think I wasn't beautiful because of this. Our bodies, big and small, curvy and non-curvy, tall and short are so beautiful. Embrace your REAL. Strive to better yourself everyday out of LOVE, not hate. You are stunning just the way you are. Not a pound more, not a pound less. Not bigger or smaller boobs, bigger or smaller butts, more defined abs, quads or arms. Not with more makeup or fancier clothes. Just the way you are. Tag a #WCW who needs to hear these words. #SelfLove #EmbraceYourReal #EdSoldier

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Brawo Julie! Uważamy, że wiele dziewczyn powinno wziąć z niej przykład. Zdrowie i dobre samopoczucie są najważniejsze!


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